Sara was born and raised in rural Wisconsin. After completing her BA in painting from UW- Whitewater in 2004, she moved to Madison where she worked with industrial UV printers for nearly 10 years. In 2015 she left her printing job to pursue a full-time career as an artist. She has since exhibited in several galleries, markets and small businesses in the Midwest. She has taught a range of art classes for all ages at Arts + Literature Laboratory, Common Ground- Middleton, Matrix Coworking, Goodman Community Center ( in collaboration with Community Unity Arts ) and many other local businesses. Sara operates under the name Smere Tactics and maintains her art practice from her home on the northside of Madison where she lives with her husband and 2 sons. She continues to be active in the local art community where she teaches and volunteers.

Image from Nikki Hansen Photography

The inspiration for her work comes from several sources. Being a lifelong Wisconsin resident, she has learned how to find belonging as an outsider because she has never fit into any prescribed either-or groups ( example: rural- urban, political parties). Those sort of group dynamics, tension and division play out in the high contrast black and white tones of her woodcut prints. During her formative years, she endured sexual trauma that remains an important part of why she creates and teaches different approaches to art-making today. The work she creates shares her vulnerabilities as strengths and leaves beacons to help you to navigate during dark times.

Large animals glow. Little animals glow. But if you have enough of them. . . they can have a BIG effect.

from Glow by W. H. Beck

You've read this far so here's some fun stuff.  
I'm a mother of 2 boys, a wife, a friend, a multipotentialite ( aka polymath I like trying all the things)

I love science, oddities, antique malls, nature in general with an intense focus on sea creatures. Because of my love, I advocate for ocean health and getting rid of as much plastic as possible.

I have a collection of hats, coats and jackets mostly thrifted. I am in the midst of shifting my wardrobe to all natural clothing because I don't like how synthetic fibers (also plastic) make me smell. If there is such a thing as a super smeller I'm one of them, my aim is to have no smell ( neutral)

I love puns and have been known to be the only one laughing at my jokes. 

I hike for exercise and to stay grounded.  My favorite podcast is Ologies. There's more... I constantly air my curiosities on social media here's where you can find me to get the latest